Pear Fruit ('conference')


Pear Fruit ('conference')

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These excellent fertile seeds were harvested from locally grown Conference Pear fruit trees, which produce one of the very best eating and storing pears. Important, you may not grow absolutely identical pears from these seeds, as fruits produced may vary in size, sweetness and taste greatly, but you should certainly get a lovely new cultivar, as new varieties are produced by growing large numbers of seedlings and choosing the best. Most seeds in the original fruits are hollow, and thus infertile, with very few fat fertile seeds being produced, and these have been selected individually.

Sowing Advice

For best results, sow seeds as soon as you receive them onto a good soil-based compost. Cover the seeds with fine grit or compost to approximately their own depth. These seeds can be very slow indeed to germinate, and may wait for spring before emerging whenever sown. Do not use artificial heat to try to germinate them as it will simply disrupt their germination mechanism. Please be very patient, and do not discard the seed pan.

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Key Facts


Classification:Hardy tree


Packet Content:4 (Approx)

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