Apple Golden Delicious


Apple Golden Delicious

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Golden Delicious apples really are too well know to need describing! But just in is a versatile garden variety which can be used both as a dessert and cooking apple. An easy to-grow-variety, it produces good yields of attractive golden-green apples that store well over a long period after harvesting. Because of its high yield and sweetness, it is one of the world’s most popular apples, and is quite disease-resistant. Harvested from the end of September to October and before they are fully ripe, they will ripen further in storage, and if left in a cool, dry and dark place they will keep until March. Seedlings may vary but all should be delicious!

Sowing Advice

Seeds can be sown at any time of the year into a sandy, gritty, loamy compost (NOT one based on pure peat) and covered with sand or grit. No artificial heat is needed. The seed tray is best left in a cool spot and kept moist. Seeds generally germinate very, very slowly indeed, but usually appear in the spring whenever they are sown, although odd ones may come up at any time. Grow small plants on before planting out.

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Classification:Hardy tree

Packet Content:4 (Approx)

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