Pepper Rocoto Red


Pepper Rocoto Red

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A very rare chili from altitude in Peru, with round, oblong, pear-shaped fruits, locally known as an "apple chili", with a remarkable likeness to tomatoes, and an amazing citrusy and juicy flavour! Also known as Manzano and sometimes as 'Gringo Killers', do not mistake this variety for a sweet pepper! Looking also like a miniature bell pepper, its thick-walled juicy pods have distinctive, jet-black seeds. A most distinctive plant, it has hairy stems and leaves, with attractive blue-violet flowers. Originating from Peru, where it thrives at more than 2,500 meters, it is one of the very few chillies that can withstand near freezing temperatures. A generous producer of big crops, it has upper mid heat.

Sowing Advice

Surface-sow or barely cover the seeds indoors, and keep moist and warm above 20C. (Peppers generally demand warmer conditions than tomatoes to germinate successfully). When sprouts appear move them to a sunny window. Set out well-developed transplants when weather is warm. Peppers need rich moist soil and warm sunny conditions to flourish. Best sown in early spring.

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Packet Content:10 (Approx)

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