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Rarely offered. Spectacular orange and dark blue flowers open from May to October on thick strong stems. This rare and very striking feature plant varies from the normal variety, having upright cylindrical, rush-like leaves, without a leaf blade. This species is said to be one of the most frost resistant of the five in the genus in southern Africa, (the other four being S. alba, S. nicolai, S. reginae and S. caudata). Indigenous to South Africa, this exceptionally-evolved drought resistant form of Strelitzia occurs sparingly near Uitenhage, Patensie and just north of Port Elizabeth, where it is now threatened by illegal removal for horticultural purposes! Our seeds are from cultivated plants.

Sowing Advice

Abrade a small portion of each seed with sand paper or on a rough brick or similar, then soak seeds for 24 hours before sowing 2cm deep in a good loamy compost. Keep in a propagator or warm place, at between 20 and 25 degrees C, and do not exclude light. Germination can be erratic, usually taking between 2 to 12 months, sometimes longer, so do not discard the seed pots. Pot on small plants frequently in a coarse loose compost to achieve huge plants very quickly.

Key Facts


Common name:Leafless Bird of Paradise, Narrow-leaved bird of paradise, Rush-leaved strelitzia, Leafless crane flower, Strelitzia principis, Strelitzia parvifolia var. juncea, Strelitzia reginae var. juncea

Classification:Greenhouse perennial, Half hardy perennial


Packet Content:4 (Approx)

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