Pepper Lhasa F1


Pepper Lhasa F1

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This compact plant bears heavy sets of multiple straight pods which mature early in the season and continue to produce fruit for a long extended harvest. The fragrant and fiery fruit (rating 23,000 on the Scoville scale) quickly ripen from green to rich deep red. This is the most commonly grown chilli in Tibet where they are made into spicy sauces and pastes. Ideal for pot production and garden containers.

Sowing Advice

Surface-sow or barely cover the seeds indoors, and keep moist and warm above 20C. (Peppers generally demand warmer conditions than tomatoes to germinate successfully). When sprouts appear move them to a sunny window. Set out well-developed transplants when weather is warm. Peppers need rich moist soil and warm sunny conditions to flourish. Best sown in early spring.

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Key Facts


Common name:capsicum annuum, Tibetan Lhasa


Packet Content:10 (Approx)

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