Raspberry Glaucus (Andean Variety)


Raspberry Glaucus (Andean Variety)

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This extremely rare and succulent fruit grows wild in the foothills of the Southern Chilean and Argentinian Andes. Long-treasured by locals, it is easy to grow and extremely hardy, and will produce an extended crop of deep red, ripening-to-purple berries from midsummer onwards. These unusually large sweet juicy fruits are exceptionally long, tapering almost to a point.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds at any time of the year into a sandy compost, sprinkle with fine sand or grit, DO NOT COVER THICKLY. light is NEEDED to stimulate seed germination! NO artificial heat needed. Leave in a cool spot, keep moist, seed germinates slowly in natural temperature fluctuation usually in spring, whenever sown. Seeds are fresh but may take from 4-12 months to appear. DO NOT discard the seed tray, be patient. Pot on small plants.

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