Stenocereus Stellatus Amarillo


Stenocereus Stellatus Amarillo

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This moderately-sized, columnar cactus to 4 m tall produces a candelabra-like crown, branching from the base into several slender, ridged, moderately armed, bluish green stems to 10 cm in diameter. The scented flowers open at night and are followed by round, greenish to reddish fruits with edible flesh. Stenocereus stellatus is native to central Mexico where it grows in hot, dry tropical woodlands and thornscrub between 500 and 2100 m. In cultivation it adapts well to dry tropical and warm temperate climates in USDA Zones 9 and above. In Mexico it has a long history of cultivation and is widely grown for its delicious fruits that display a stunning variety of colors. This form produces predominantly yellow-fleshed fruits.

Sowing Advice

These seeds have already been thoroughly cleaned and should be sown into a well-drained, sandy compost at any time of the year, and covered thinly with sand or grit and kept moist. They need a cold period (fridge) in damp compost, not dry, for 2 to 3 weeks before raising the temperature to 20-25 degrees C. Seeds sometimes germinate within 4 to 6 weeks. Please be patient.

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Key Facts



Classification:Half hardy perennial


Packet Content:10 (Approx)

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