Coffea Arabica 'Obata' (Coffee)


Coffea Arabica 'Obata' (Coffee)

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Coffea arabica 'Obata', A Distinctive Coffee Cultivar with Exceptional Attributes. A remarkable cultivar within the Coffea arabica species, celebrated for its unique attributes and exceptional qualities. This coffee plant has gained recognition for its potential in producing high-quality beans and its adaptability to various growing conditions. The 'Obata' cultivar showcases a well-balanced growth habit, combining a moderate height (1.8 to 2.4 meters) with a bushy and branching structure. The glossy, elliptical leaves contribute to the plant's overall lush appearance. 'Obata' exhibits a robust and hardy demeanor, making it well-suited for different cultivation settings. Similar to other Coffea arabica varieties, 'Obata' graces its branches with fragrant, white flowers, a precursor to the formation of coffee cherries. These cherries undergo a ripening process, transitioning in color from green to red, ultimately revealing the coffee beans within. The visual appeal of flowering and fruiting adds to the allure of this coffee cultivar. Originating from Brazil, 'Obata' has proven its adaptability to various coffee-growing regions. It thrives in a range of elevations and is known for its resilience to pests and diseases. This adaptability, coupled with its ability to produce quality beans, has contributed to its popularity among coffee producers. Its reputation for producing beans with a balanced flavor profile, featuring notes of sweetness and mild acidity, has positioned it as a noteworthy choice for those seeking distinctive and high-quality coffee.

Sowing Advice

These seeds have already been thoroughly cleaned and soaked overnight. They should then should be sown into a well-drained, sandy compost at any time of the year, and covered thinly with sand or grit and kept moist. Keep at between 20-25 degrees C. Seeds sometimes germinate within 2-6 months although sometimes it can be even longer please be patient. Plant them flat side down in a larger container with a humus rich medium to keep them moist and then keep warm and light.

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Key Facts


Common name:Coffee

Classification:Greenhouse perennial


Packet Content:20 (Approx)

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