Trinidad moruga scorpion


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This much sought-after, extremely hot pepper originated in Trinidad and has a Scoville rating of between 1,200,000 to 2,000,000 SHU. The fruit produced are quite small and rather lumpy shaped and mature from lime green to bright red. Once you get past the burn the peppers have a pleasant fruity flavour.

Sowing Advice

Surface-sow or barely cover the seeds indoors in Jan/Feb. All super hot varieties of pepper need a bottom heat germination temperature between 27-32C, 24 hours a day, until the seedlings are established to get the best germination rate, otherwise they will be more erratic thus slowing germination rates. When established move them to a sunny window. Set out well-developed transplants after last frost date when weather is warm. Peppers need rich moist soil and warm sunny conditions to flourish. Best sown in early spring. Attention: Wash hands after handling seeds and avoid direct contact with eyes.

Key Facts


Common name:Capsicum chinense

Packet Content:10 (Approx)

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