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    Intriguing greenish flowers mature into copper-red burrs during the summer months. A good choice for between paving stones or as an edging, it is also ideal in the rock garden, but plants can grow beyond where they are wanted, so keep a firm upper hand. Acaena caesiiglauca is found in mountainous areas and subalpine tussock grasslands, east of the Southern Alps, on South Island, New Zealand. ... Learn More



    This previously unreleased plant has romped around our "Chilean garden" here since we collected it from Chiloe Island, Chile, in 1994.(RB94002) Plum-sized, spiky, brown 'toffee apples' stand erect above a carpet of attractive, divided, green and silver leaves. ... Learn More



    Reputedly one of the world's oldest living plants, these amazing, evergreen, subtropical tree-like plants bear just a few branches of lance-shaped leaves, often crowded towards the tips. Mature plants produce fronds of fragrant greenish-white flowers, which are followed by attractive clusters of bright orange berries, each of which holds a sizeable, very hard, pearl-like seed. When the bark is damaged it exudes thick, red, blood-like sap, hence one of its common names! Making statuesque specimens in warmer countries, these are also superb, highly-valued, expensive pot plants elsewhere. It is ... Learn More


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