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    Slowly spreading clumps of tall purple-red stems with saw-tooth edged leaves carrying huge flat heads of bright yellow daisies in July/August - the "midsummer flower-gap". Originally collected in Chile at 2,000ft in wet meadows near Osorno (RB94118). ... Learn More



    This absolutely amazing succulent shrub is endemic to the Canary Islands, where it evolved, over millions of years, into this quite unique plant with thick, contorted, sausage-like branches, forming a rounded dome. The bare, multi-branching stems are tipped with clumps of leathery, narrow, grey-green leaves which have clumps of attractive creamy flowers on them in late winter and early spring. These finally turn into sizeable globular seed heads, resembling snowballs, at the end of each stem adding to its year-long attraction. What more can a plant provide! In the wild It is found in dry coast ... Learn More


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    A long-flowering dazzler discovered on the mountains of South Africa. Numerous erect stems produce an everlasting display of carmine rose flowers from early spring until the autumn frosts. ... Learn More


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