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    From Japan comes this unusual, rather small distinctive plant which in earliest spring carries the most deeply slashed and divided leaves of any angelica. In late spring open dense sprays of tiny white flowers. ... Learn More



    This seed has been collected from plants which were grown from seed of the true wild "Norwegian Angelica", growing on the shoreline in northern Norway, 200 miles inside the Arctic circle, where temperatures plunge to below minus 40C in the cold dark winters. This form makes basal rosettes of divided leathery leaves, above which appear in summer, stocky stems holding globular balls of greenish-white flowers. Later appear the very distinctive, spherical, congested heads of large fragrant seeds. It may be used either as a culinary herb or a striking garden plant! ... Learn More



    A striking specimen, very much like Angelica hispanica, but larger overall, bearing impressive, thick, glossy ternate leaves. Enormous sprays of yellow-green flower heads appear in early summer. ... Learn More


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    Angelica sylvestris, a short-lived perennial native to Europe and central Asia, including the UK. As part of the carrot family, Apiaceae, it has beautiful umbelliferous flowers that are attractive to many pollinating insects such as bees, beetles and hoverflies. This robust plant is tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions from full sun to partial shade. ... Learn More


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    This fabulous new bee and butterfly plant is the darkest of any angelica we have ever grown. Exquisite, almost black, finely-cut shiny leaves are held below heads of darkest purple buds opening to delicate sprays of pink flowers. This plant caused mayhem when originally shown at Chelsea and comes satisfyingly true from seed, although the odd seedling may have less intensely-coloured foliage. It is important to wait for full development of the plant to obtain darkest pigmentation. Very few fertile seeds are ever collected. ... Learn More


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    This new, giant angelica from Taiwan is a clump forming biennial or short-lived perennial, bearing attractive, purple-bracted umbels of dense, cream, football-sized flower heads followed by amazing heavy heads of perfumed seeds. These are supported on very thick stems above bold, fragrant, shiny basal foliage. This substantial plant will make an impressive statement in the mid to back border. ... Learn More


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