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    This superb species from Manchuria has triple-divided, crisped edge leaves and a purple-ended, emerald green spathe broadly lined with white. It is easily grown in almost any garden soil, although best in humus enriched loam in light shade. One of the most northerly species, this variety is very hardy. ... Learn More



    Strikingly attractive, long-tailed, neatly pin-striped spathes, open in May and June on mottled, 10 to 15 inch stems with the spoked leaves piercing like parasols above the flowers. It appears rather later than many other species but is an exquisite garden plant being excellent outside in the garden in a half-shaded spot in a humus-rich soil, well drained but moisture retentive. Once established this valuable plant will increase quickly by tuber-bearing stolons and seed. ... Learn More



    This truly spectacular plant rears its glossy spathe hood, which is startlingly striped in purple-brown to maroon and vanilla-cream. From the Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces in China this magnificent plant has an equally-attractive leaf made up of many narrow leaflets that radiate out from a central axis, the effect being much like the spokes of an umbrella! ... Learn More



    A long-lived attractive tuberous plant with striking, cobra head-like flowers amidst long-stemmed deeply divided leaves. Later appear the large heads of bright red berries which persist throughout the winter being especially attractive when it snows. ... Learn More



    This exciting Himalayan arum relative has most impressive, deeply-cut, hand-like leaves, from which arise the fascinating 'flowers'. A floppy yellow hood-like spathe protects the purple waxy spadix. Very long-lived and bulks up by division of the corms. ... Learn More



    This quite spectacular and easy-to-grow Asian arisaema has a sweetly scented flower, or spathe, that is bright green tinged with purple, with a long, whippy, slightly-scary tongue (spadix) that curves out of the flower. It also features a spectacular horseshoe-shaped leaf, held on the stalk just below the inflorescence, that boasts over a dozen leaflets! ... Learn More



    This striking native from Afghanistan to Tibet has been described as a plant of El Greco-esque proportions, with a deep, narrow bright-green- with-white-stripes spathe, a hood that rises up instead of curving down, and ends in a long whip, a spadix with a long and purple-black or green whip, and multi-fingered leaves! Quite a specimen. ... Learn More



    The "Whipcord Cobra Lily" has a distinctive green whip-like spadix, which is of a considerable length and points skywards. It arises from the mouth of its "jack-in the-pulpit" flower, which flares at the mouth to reveal the pale green, white-striped, interior. This is one of the best in the genus, being also the largest, sometimes growing to more than 6 feet! The blooms appear later in the year than many other varieties, thus prolonging the season of interest, the initially green clustered fruits finally ripening to red. ... Learn More



    This favourite of children is best known for its spring to early summer display of hooded, green spathes which are attractively striped with purple. It is actually a tuberous perennial producing one or two insignificant leaves, each divided into three narrow leaflets. Finally, autumn brings clusters of densely packed, showy red berries. ... Learn More


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