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    Flared lavender-blue trumpet flowers with bright blue pollen, and loved by bees and butterflies, open on hairy stems bearing toothed, hairy leaves, very late in the season, from May into August. This astonishing tough perennial (yes! A bone-hardy perennial phacelia) is native to cold Douglas Fir and Redwood forests in Northern California and Oregon, and makes an amazing display in any open spot. ... Learn More



    The astonishingly intense blue of these remarkable bell-shaped flowers would give any member of the Gentian family a run for their money. A very long-flowering annual thriving on poor sandy soil, it will make an eye-catching addition for your rockery, or a conversation piece in an ornamental pot on your patio. ... Learn More



    This rare, showy perennial species of Phacelia, endemic to western North America, grows mainly at subalpine to alpine elevations in forest openings, or above the treeline among rocks and sand. The showy, deep blue-mauve sprays of flowers have prominent anthers, which add to its appeal, but the foliage is quite extravagant being composed of tufts of deeply cut, grey silky foliage. A magnificent plant for a dry rockery or to win a prize as a potted alpine specimen! ... Learn More



    This easy-to-grow, hairy annual has finely-cut, ferny leaves, which may turn red in hot weather, and very dense, curved spikes of small, soft lavender, bell-shaped flowers, with very long stamens, in a curved raceme, like the flowers of "forget-me-nots", which are enjoyed by hover flies, butterflies and bees. This is a more elegant plant than the commoner Phacelia campanularia, with stems which are rough and slightly hairy. ... Learn More


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