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    This dwarf, evergreen shrub opens its bright yellow flowers successively over a very long period throughout late spring and summer. It will do best in a hot sunny spot and is completely frost hardy. ... Learn More



    This unique dwarf plant makes a bun of greenish-grey leaves studded with dazzling yellow flowers and is reputedly not the easiest to grow. It is probably best in an alpine house or on a protected scree. One of the rarest plants in Europe, this gem is known as a relict species, the entire world population living on a protected four hectare spot about 20 miles north of Budapest. ... Learn More



    This superb perennial covers itself with masses of bright golden-yellow flowers all summer long. It is compact growing, with dark green, narrow, lance-shaped leaves, and is an exceptional perennial which deserves to be grown much more frequently when it can be employed in borders, rock gardens or even containers. ... Learn More



    This entirely graceful plant has a profusion of luminous, ultra-marine blue, five petalled flowers, which are held atop upright stems whorled with small, narrow gray-green leaves. The buds are nodding tear drops that open up into the most gorgeous pool of blue, the seed heads being beige little balls. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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