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    One of the most prized and mysterious medical plants in the world, this lovely flower is also a very good garden specimen. Sizeable golden flowers open on strong stems in July-August over clumps of long hairy leaves. It grows mainly on tundra and in ravines, often beyond unknown paths, and far from highways. This difficulty in obtaining it may be responsible for its almost mythical reputation. It is found across N. Europe. N. Asia and Northern N. America where it is hardy to zone 3. Flowers ... Learn More



    Native to the western states of North America and up into British Columbia this perennial herb has bright, sunny yellow flowers, with petals that radiate from a large centre much like a daisy, and are borne on a single stem with alternate leaves that are long and oval and slightly hairy. In the wild it grows in meadows and hillsides where moisture is plentiful where it spreads through rhizomes. ... Learn More



    Very large golden flowers on long, sturdy stalks open on this this popular, easily-grown plant. This is the official plant that provides the basis for homeopathic remedies, oil infusions, compresses and salves, and many other natural cures and remedies. Arnica montana is endemic to Europe, from southern Iberia to southern Scandinavia and the Carpathians, but is absent from the British Isles. ... Learn More


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