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    This new, extremely rare and superb Chinese sub-shrub comes from the Himalayas, where it grows up to an amazing 12,000 feet, cascading down rocky slopes and ledges where it displays its terminal clusters of funnel-shaped, almost penstemon-like flowers, from spring into autumn. Its most amazing characteristic is that nobody would ever believe that this gem is an incarvillea!! ... Learn More



    Huge, stemless, dark pink trumpet flowers erupt in clusters from May to July, the pinnate leaves barely rising above ground level. Possibly the choicest and one of the very dwarfest of this group of plants from high places in South West China, it is very similar to I. younghusbandii, growing best in semi-shade or direct sun, and preferring medium levels of water. ... Learn More



    This is the pure ivory white form of the "hardy gloxinia" with enormous, flared-mouth flowers, and it comes completely true from seed. A rare jewel which will be soundly perennial and completely hardy in your garden. ... Learn More



    Appropriately-named as "The Hardy Gloxinia" with large, exotic-looking, mauve-pink trumpet-shaped blooms which appear before the foliage. Despite its exotic appearance, it is bone hardy as long as it is grown in well-drained soil, such as a rock garden or raised bed. ... Learn More



    Clusters of exotic-looking, trumpet-like, yellow throated white flowers open from early to midsummer, whilst the thick, bold, divided leaves of this attractive plant form a backdrop for the large, showy blooms. This easy-to-grow gem will bloom for many weeks, beginning in late spring, if regularly deadheaded, and is ideal for adding an exotic touch to a sunny herbaceous border, and is even perfect for growing in a container on a sunny patio. ... Learn More



    This rarely encountered form of the "Hardy Gloxinia" is a quite spectacular plant originating from Western China being hardy and very long-lived too, bearing large reddish-purple trumpet flowers which are borne on strong stems in spring and early summer. ... Learn More



    This gorgeous plant bears dark pink trumpet flowers in early summer and late spring, and takes less than a year to flower, growing well in direct sun. It is more compact than Incarvillea delavayi, and is rarely seen in the trade, and although it looks tender it is in fact utterly hardy and can bear very harsh temperatures without any problems. ... Learn More



    This rare plant is quite unlike most others, being a tall, woody perennial, much like a taller I. arguta, but with smaller,and more, flowers, with open branches bearing tubular flowers with flattened faces. It flowers from late spring until the end of summer, with a very long succession of flowers, growing well in dry, poor soils, and is very hardy and easy to grow, being probably the longest-lived and most reliably perennial of all of the Incarvilleas. ... Learn More



    Large numbers of medium sized, exotic-looking, purple, trumpet-shaped blossoms open on very many long, thin, branching and dividing stems, all clad in lacy foliage. This "Hardy Gloxinia" is completely different from most of the other forms, and it can actually flower in as little as ten weeks after sowing! ... Learn More



    This recently discovered Chinese species has several flamboyant magenta to crimson, yellow-throated trumpet-flowers, widely flared at the mouth, which are a deeper more glowing pink than those of I. mairei, with foliage much more divided with narrow leaflets. It was originally collected at 15,000 ft elevation at the border of Yunnan, Szechuan and Tibet in October, 2000. ... Learn More


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