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    Deep crimson to purple flowers with darker striped petals and dark eyes, open on stems clad in dissected foliage which is very reminiscent of Japanese maple leaves. These are at least as attractive as the flowers, and can vary from dark bronze to deepest purple, and this is the one hibiscus that is grown for its beautiful foliage as well as for the flowers! The fast growing and shrubby habit of this unusual plant makes it a good choice for a seasonal hedge, an attractive annual specimen plant, or even an indoor container plant. Very few seeds obtainable. ... Learn More



    This hardy hibiscus, that looks much like Cannabis sativa (marijuana,) produces enormous, rose-red, flared trumpets, sporting massive stamens, which appear in mid summer each year. Although in its home in Florida it grows in wet, marshy places, it may thrive better in colder countries in a sheltered well-drained spot! In addition to the scarlet flowering variety, there is a rare white flowering variety which is known as the white Texas star or lone star hibiscus. ... Learn More



    This is the very-rarely seen or offered pure white-flowering variety of the normally red flowered shrub, which if grown alongside the red one can make a dramatic statement. Relatively hardy in a well-sheltered and well-drained spot. ... Learn More



    Pest-free, and easy to grow in full sun, these Gorgeous, huge, parasol-shaped flowers completely cover the compact, bushy plants all summer long. It is spectacular as a quick summer hedge or even in a large container, with parasol-shaped blooms from bright pink around the petal edges, to near-white at the base, highlighted by a deep maroon ring around the frilly yellow centre. It supplies non-stop flowers, even during a heat wave as it loves heat and direct sun. Within its variable color range, 'Disco Belle' will grow true from its own seeds and not revert to taller forms with smaller blossoms. ... Learn More



    Very large, showy, creamy-white or pink flowers open in constant succession over a very long period, butterflies and bees being attracted to its huge trumpet blossoms, which have crimson-to-purple centres. Surprisingly, in its central and eastern North America home states, including Illinois and Minnesota, it grows on riverbanks, next to ponds and in low wet areas, such as marshes. ... Learn More



    Possibly the largest flowers of any of the mallow family, these truly astounding, exotic, supersized blooms can grow to the size of a dinner plate across (10"-12" or 25 - 28 cm), usually white with a crimson centre, but often in shades of white, pinks and crimson and even more shades! Individual blooms can be picked and floated in a large flat dish, like a huge water lily, as a unique table centre-piece. Whether grown in the garden, in tubs, or in the greenhouse, they will delight and amaze all who see them. This gem thrives in sunny, moist, or even wet sites where it is sought after by many pollinators. Few fertile seeds collected. ... Learn More



    Absolutely enormous primrose yellow flowers up to 30cm (12”) across are produced on this new, hardy, dwarf, Nebraskan-bred Rose Mallow, which is best grown from seed. It has a strong, vigorous habit and a compact rounded shape making it ideal for planting in patio containers or dotting among perennial borders. The flowers open in succession throughout the summer providing a long flowering period that reaches well into autumn. Very few good seeds are produced. ... Learn More



    Beautiful flowers open ivory-white to pale yellow with a dark red spot at the base of each petal, the attractive leaves being deeply three-to-five-lobed, arranged alternately on the stems. The fleshy seed pods are also most attractive turning bright red as the fruit matures. Native to West Africa, this attractive shrub, hardy to zone 10, has a long list of herbal attributes. ... Learn More



    Native to the east of the Mediterranean in the Levant, this seldom-seen and easy-to-grow plant has flowers which are truly stunning with their cream petals, purple-hued undersides, and deep burgundy centres. The plant blooms profusely all season, producing a huge number of flowers over the entire plant for all of the summer and well into autumn when it is covered in inflated, attractive, translucent seed pods. It is an easy to grow, very ornamental bedding or border plant, with a compact and good-branching growth habit. It is drought tolerant and also performs well when grown as a container plant. Although it is usually grown as an annual, it will over winter in frost free areas. ... Learn More


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