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    Dazzling orange double flowers are borne on long stems above dense finely cut foliage. This member of the buttercup family likes to stand in part shade and to keep its feet wet, and is a perfect choice for the bog garden or a damp woodland patch, where it will shine out at you from midsummer onward. It can be inclined to seed freely, so if you are lucky you will soon have a superb bed of these gems. ... Learn More


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    This most attractive plant has dark green, deeply-cut leaves, and bears flowers which resemble egg-yolks both in shape and colour, the name "globe flower" referring to the petals which are curved over the top of the flower. This attractive and easy-to-grow native wild flower of Europe and Western Asia, prefers moist soils in full sun or light shade. ... Learn More



    A rare and outstandingly pretty flower bearing green-veined, bright yellow flowers, which open above attractive, densely-lobed, matt green foliage. This clump-forming member of the buttercup family, a native of North American marshland, will appreciate damp conditions and makes an attractive display at the front of an herbaceous border. ... Learn More


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    A dwarf, compact species forming a small mound of delicate, shiny green leaves, above which open large, glistening, single yellow buttercups over several weeks. These plants are equally happy in sun or partial shade and will often bloom a second time in areas with cool summers. ... Learn More



    Very rare in cultivation (try Googling it) this miniature plant from Yunnan and Sichuan makes a tidy compact mound of green foliage from which arise bright yellow flowers on short stems of just a few inches, the flowers being very much like the equally splendid Trillius farreri but having distinctive purple sepals on the reverse. It is excellent for a moist rock garden or even as a show-winner if you can keep it shaded and cool enough to do of its best. ... Learn More



    Very large flowers with petals formed flat like a plate, open in spring above mounds of attractive shiny green foliage. A long-lived plant that is bone hardy in moist soil that does not dry out. ... Learn More


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