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    Having one of the most striking shape of any crocus, this extremely unusual pale purple species has the lower part (it looks like the stalk) of the flower extremely slender, before it flares widely at the top into a goblet, open at the top in sunshine. But it becomes almost spherical when closed. But by far the most unusual aspect is that it produces its tightly-packed clumps of flowers in the autumn, unlike most other crocuses! (The well-known "Autumn Crocus" is in fact a late-flowering lily!) Coming from Greece it will do of its best in a well drained compost in a pot with some protection and a dry summer rest ... Learn More



    Large, silvery, soft violet-blue flowers have small golden throats and yellow anthers with prominent, divided red-orange styles. In cultivation, they lend themselves to being unusually attractive in pots or on the show bench, when they make solid congested clumps, the flowers crowding together to form a solid mass. This plant is extremely rare, and indeed is protected in the wild. It was discovered in the Taurus Mountains of Southern Turkey in 1994, and the sole locality is a closely guarded secret. These precious seeds are related to the original find by Erich Pasche. ... Learn More



    This is an autumn or early winter-flowering perennial corm, the leaves appearing after the flowers. The flowers are silvery lilac-blue, with fine darker veining plus a conspicuous deep yellow throat. This pretty and delicate meadow plant of northern Greece and Turkey is quite possible to grow in light grass, either in sun or part shade ... Learn More



    This autumn-flowering crocus bears long-tubed flowers in varying shades of violet-blue with darker blue veins and bright orange, divided styles. This variety naturalizes very easily in grass, as it increases rapidly, both by seeds and offsets. Slow to start but worth the wait. ... Learn More


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