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    Amaranthus 'Red Garnet' produces attractive, long, tassels in pillar-box red and green Amaranthus 'Pony Tails' produces exceptionally attractive, long, decorative tassels in pillar-box red and green shades, which gently swish from side to side in the Summer breeze. A long-time favourite , these superb colourful plants are ideal for adding height and interest to Summer bedding displays growing to a height of 90cm to 120cm. Originally a major food crop of the Incas they can indeed be eaten but look much nicer in your border! ... Learn More



    A selection of these lovely flowers bearing long, pendulous, flowing tails in many shades from green to red. These plants are often used to striking effect in many parks, gardens and stately homes! ... Learn More



    This spectacular Amaranthus displays stunning tassels of long-lasting lime green flowers from summer through to autumn, slowly fading to cream as they age. The large leaves and sturdy stems on this half-hardy annual provide a strong framework through which the long panicles of flowers will cascade to a most dramatic effect. The plant will need to be watered well in dry weather, and can be encouraged to grow to 3 or 4 feet with careful feeding and support. ... Learn More



    This spectacular annual has convoluted heads of massed crimson flowers. In Bangladesh, it has been used as a leafy vegetable with scientific study suggesting that it inhibits calcium retention. Another study suggested that due to high levels of antioxidants found in the plant, it could have a radio-protective role. Maybe an ideal food for nuclear power-station employees? ... Learn More



    This cheerful dwarf Amaranthus is a colourful and most unusual addition to the front of your herbaceous border, providing a splendid splash of colour with its display of dark red tassels. Especially useful where not much room if available as it has a neat and compact form and will be happy in a confined space. ... Learn More



    This bizarre and slightly goofy annual flower bears congested sprays of deep purple flowers which resemble pointing fingers! Although it is native to South America, in India and Africa the leaves and stems have been eaten as a salad vegetable. It is usually steamed as a side dish in both China and Japan. Scientific study suggests that it may inhibit calcium retention, and in addition it has a high content of carotene, ascorbic acid, and folate and may prove an efficient antioxidant. It also appears on the coat of arms of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge where it is called "flowers gentle"! ... Learn More


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    This stately, upright, bushy annual bears foliage which is heavily splashed in crimson and gold in the late summer and autumn garden, the leaves on the upper plant often contrasting in colour from the lower ones. Usually grown not for its flowers, but for its beautifully coloured foliage, this versatile plant also makes a fantastic microsalad leaf to impress your friends who have not seen it served on a plate before. A famous and quite stunning specimen, it is usually called Joseph's coat after the Biblical figure, who is said to have worn a coat of many colours! ... Learn More



    This unusually flamboyant specimen is grown for its striking coloured foliage rather that the more familiar tassels of flowers. It provides beautiful colour contrast when planted with other foliage plants and will grow steadily taller through the summer months, enjoying full sunlight and with good heat tolerance. ... Learn More


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