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    This attractive dwarf plant has attractive, fine-leaved, bluish-green foliage, and from May through to August small spikes of dwarf snapdragons appear, in that most unusual of colours, yellowy-brown, with some being a mix of yellow and mauve! The name actually means 'rust-coloured'! This tiny plant come from Spain and Portugal and technically, although it is a perennial, it often acts as a reseeding annual. ... Learn More



    Sometimes called alpine toadflax, in contrast to other members of the genus, this plant has orange flowers with orange lobes in the centre. It grows well in very poor soil and especially, in the wild, in recently exposed and unconsolidated glacial moraine, where it is found in many mountain ranges in southern and central Europe. These range from the Sierra de Gredos and the Montes de León in Spain to the mountains of the Balkan Peninsula including the Jura mountains Alps, Pyrenees, and central Apennines. ... Learn More



    A vigorous and most attractive plant forming many rubbery, blue-green leaved spikes of large-spurred yellow flowers, all summer long and indeed up to Christmas in our garden here! ... Learn More



    This is a completely new flower we have produced at Plant World by crossing Linaria purpurea with Linaria dalmatica. The result is a strong-growing vigorous plant, taller than its parents, bearing sizeable heads of chalky, bluish-purple "snapdragon" flowers, a new colour in this genus. Additionally it has inherited the attractive rubbery grey foliage of its taller, but usually floppy-habit parent. A worthy new addition to the middle or back of the border that no one has grown before. It is possible you might get some new and unusual hybrids also, as there are other Linaria species in our trial grounds..... ... Learn More



    The "Purple Toadflax" is an old and ever-popular cottage garden flower with tall, slender spikes of violet-purple flowers, which appear right into the frosts of autumn. It will gently self-seed into places it likes but never becomes a nuisance! ... Learn More



    This lovely plant opens its countless, pristine, tiny, pure white snapdragons atop long slender spikes of delicate, fine, greyish-green foliage, for a very long period, as a rule, all summer long. This lovely new colour (or rather lack of it) form is bone hardy, long-lived and quite drought-resistant once established, and was selected by Ray Brown, Plant World's proprietor. ... Learn More



    A delightful variant bearing masses of small pink & mauve snapdragon-like blooms upon upright, slender, pointy spikes, a foot & a half to two feet tall. It is in bloom from June until the first frost, the blossoms being favourites of bees & butterflies. It remains upright and doesn't require staking and self seeds, but not to excess, coming true if other purpurea varieties are not grown nearby. 'Canon J. Went' will certainly self-seed & pop up in unexpected places in years to follow, even from out of cracks. It is extremely easy to grow in a wide range of situations, but will do best in full sun in well-draining soil. It is quite drought hardy & demands no special attention. ... Learn More



    The "Toadflax" is an old and ever-popular, very long-flowering cottage garden plant, which usually has tall, slender flower spikes of violet-purple. We have mixed a generous quantity of a selection of seeds which will produce either icing pink, white or violet-purple flowers. (We appreciate these are not actually in red, white and blue, but this is the nearest we could manage!) These plants will continue to flower right into the frosts of autumn, after which time they will gently self-seed into places they like, but will never become a nuisance! Ideal for gently sprinkling where required! ... Learn More



    Incredible yellow-lipped, long-tailed, purple "snapdragons" on stout stems. These are arranged around the stems in groups of three, looking incredibly just like budgerigars! (Look at the botanic name - 'three birds'). Thin rubbery grey leaves. An exceptional, but rarely seen plant. ... Learn More



    This really beautiful, icing-pink variation of this normally mauve plant bears opening flowers that really do look like three little birds having a gossip on a perch. An absolutely stunning, superb plant for a rockery, where it may very gently self-seed. ... Learn More


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