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    Another multi-talented performer. The prettiest foliage of all aroids, arrow-shaped waxy looking leaves marbled and veined in cream and grey, are produced in winter and are much sought after by flower arrangers. In spring cream and purplish spathes ("flowers"), give way to a stunning display of large orange berries (July-Sept.) on stout stems, the effect accentuated, as all foliage has by now disappeared. ... Learn More


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    An enormous spathe of deep rich purple-black surrounds a spadix of almost jet black. Large, polished, deep-green leaves lay below, and in addition, this plant allegedly does not have the bad smell associated with this group. Discovered as recently as 1987, this new and very rare species is one of the most attractive of all Arums and is found only in a small area of South West Crete. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    Asarum caudatum, commonly known as Western Wild Ginger, emerges as a distinctive and understated perennial herb native to the western regions of North America. As a member of the Aristolochiaceae family, this woodland gem is celebrated for its unique flowers and lush foliage. Western Wild Ginger is characterized by its heart-shaped leaves, which carpet the forest floor in a dense, low-growing manner. The glossy, dark green leaves provide a rich backdrop for the plant's inconspicuous yet intriguing flowers. The leaves emit a subtle, earthy fragrance when brushed against, adding to the plant' ... Learn More


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