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    In May, ghostly lemon-lime spathes, sometimes flushed with maroon, and with a yellow spadix, arise above attractive leaves which can be plain green or have silver or brown markings. One of the very biggest of all arums, sometimes up to 3 feet tall, this giant makes very robust growth from tubers, which become deep-seated and strongly perennial, readily making offsets. ... Learn More



    Large green spathes with smooth velvety jet-black blotches inside surround a black spadix. This vigorous, impressive and hardy plan, which excels in rich woodland, humus and shade, has proved to be one of the most popular Arum species in regular cultivation. The only drawback is that it has one of the strongest smelling spathes of the genus, this is used to attract pollinating flies! Thankfully that is short-lived. ... Learn More



    Another multi-talented performer. The prettiest foliage of all aroids, arrow-shaped waxy looking leaves marbled and veined in cream and grey, are produced in winter and are much sought after by flower arrangers. In spring cream and purplish spathes ("flowers"), give way to a stunning display of large orange berries (July-Sept.) on stout stems, the effect accentuated, as all foliage has by now disappeared. ... Learn More



    Much loved by children, this flower consists of a purple spadix protruding from a pale yellow spathe. In autumn, bright, ornamental scarlet berries appear. ... Learn More



    Large, shiny, broad, spear-shaped leaves, surround the sizeable green to purplish-brown infused spathes with a white centre which are exceptionally decorative, with their deep purple-brown spadices. This form is exceptionally long-flowering in the garden, where it is easy, hardy and readily grown. ... Learn More



    An enormous spathe of deep rich purple-black surrounds a spadix of almost jet black. Large, polished, deep-green leaves lay below, and in addition, this plant allegedly does not have the bad smell associated with this group. Discovered as recently as 1987, this new and very rare species is one of the most attractive of all Arums and is found only in a small area of South West Crete. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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