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    One of the very choicest of this unusual group of flowers, this variety has unusually tall stems, slightly bending at the top, holding truly exceptional, large, bright blue, spiky powderpuff flowers. Even the foliage is attractive consisting of thick, leathery, spathulate leaves, deeply veined beneath. ... Learn More



    A seldom-seen but very easy little alpine, producing a low, shrubby, trailing mound of leathery, evergreen leaves. In late spring, shortish stems bear soft lavender-blue, shaggy daisy flowers over several weeks. This is a perfect choice for the sunny rock garden, and is also useful in an alpine troughs or gravel garden as it is drought tolerant once established. ... Learn More



    Neat little mounds of dark green foliage produce many globular, mid-blue flowers in late spring - early summer. A superb plant for a stone trough or tucked between stones on the rock garden, this is free-flowering, long-lived and easy to grow in good, well-drained soil or compost. About 7cm (3") high when flowering. Slow and delicate for us to propagate but thrives once established. Very tight congested mounds of tiny dark green glossy leaves from which rich dark blue flowers emerge on short 10cm stems in summer. Ideal for trough or raised bed, slow growing. A small, spreading perennial ... Learn More



    A winter hardy, evergreen perennial from mountain meadows and rock crevices in central Europe, making upright stalks with rich blue globular flowers above glossy leaves in a dense basal rosette. It is very easily cultivated in any rich, well drained soil in a sunny spot. ... Learn More



    Almost stemless lavender-blue powder puff flowers open on hummocks of deep green lustrous foliage made of glossy spoon-shaped leaves spreading outwards forming dense mats, giving this little beauty year round appeal. It does best in gritty, sharply drained soil, for example in a rock garden, scree bed, alpine house, or trough, as it is native to rock and scree areas in the mountains of the Mediterranean. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    Bright blue puff-ball flowers open on short stems in early summer above densely packed, shiny, evergreen leaves which spread to make an evergreen carpet. Coming from the eastern Mediterranean and Balkan Peninsula which are dry areas, this may be best suited to well-drained soil or on a rock garden. ... Learn More



    Native to the Spanish Pyrenees, this compact, cushion-forming, evergreen perennial has stiff, prostrate, spoon or lance-shaped, grey-green leaves and erect, leafy stems bearing attractive, fluffy, violet to blue flower heads in summer. One of the larger and more attractive species species, it prefers gritty well-drained soil. ... Learn More


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