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    This exceptionally dainty rock plant has thin, dark-coloured stems, bearing clouds of gypsophila-like, red-eyed white stars, possessing an unusual peppery perfume. Very rare in the wild in the USA this unusual plant makes a choice specimen for a moist shady bed in the garden. ... Learn More


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    This is the rare white form, from the Rocky Mountains, this high alpine Boykinia relative has heads of five-petalled, pure white flowers, held just above a cushion of leathery, scalloped leaves in early spring. It is long-lived when happy in the rockery or alpine trough, where it prefers lean, gritty soil or scree, in full sun with a cool root run. ... Learn More



    Thin stems bear open arrays of many white flowers, each with five tiny pointed sepals and five larger oval petals. Native to the west coast of North America from British Columbia to California, it grows in shady areas near riverbanks and streams, each heart-shaped leaf having reddish hairs and several rounded lobes with teeth along the edges. ... Learn More



    This uncommon plant is endemic to southern California, where it grows in shady forested areas near streams in the mountains. It bears a dense array of many small white flowers, each with five tiny pointed sepals and five larger oval petals and reaches up to a meter tall on a thin wiry stems. ... Learn More



    A rare, choice and handsome plant found only in damp, semi-shady places in mountain woodland on the Japanese island of Honshu. Here it grows a mass of handsome foliage consisting of large, long-stalked, polished, shield-shaped leaves. In early summer, heads of unusual and attractive, creamy-white to greenish-yellow shuttlecock flowers open. A fabulous plant for a shady border or woodland garden. ... Learn More



    This fabulous member of the saxifrage family is a rare and very choice woodland perennial from Japan (Shikoku and Kyushu), with attractive foliage and flowers. In spring the reddish-tinted young leaves emerge and slowly expand into impressive, very deeply-cut, green saucer-like leaves, on strong stems. Later in summer, numerous pale creamy yellow flowers open, hanging pendulously, and facing outwards like shuttlecocks. Although it prefers rich, moist woodland soils, it is surprisingly easy to grow and drought-tolerant. ... Learn More


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