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    This superb, elegant, and and much-cherished slow-growing tropical palm has a thin, bright green trunk adorned with white rings and a long, glossy, crimson crownshaft, from which the shuttlecock crown of fronds with unusual bright scarlet stems and leaf ribs emerge. One of the world's most stunning palms, it also lends itself to making a magnificent parlour plant, all it asks is warmth with good light. ... Learn More


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    Spikes of creamy-yellow flowers on square cross-sectioned stems open from June to August over solid clumps of rough hairy leaves. In the wild it lives in the Alps , the Pyrenees and the Balkans, often at high altitude up to 2300 meters. In the south it grows in Italy in the Middle Apennines, and in Greece in the Peloponnese. In Germany it grows in the Allgäu, in the Bavarian Alps near Berchtesgaden and in Austria is scattered in the states of Salzburg, Carinthia, Styria, Upper Austria and Lower Austria. Phew! Not rare therefore but a lovely plant nonetheless. ... Learn More



    White flower spikes open on rough stems over low basal clumps of hairy, serrated green leaves. This is a tough plant and ideal for a wild garden or hot rockery where it will hold its own. ... Learn More


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