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    This is the gorgeous variegated form of the dwarf and very choice phormium previously known as P. colensoi. Makes a distinctive and compact clump of broad, white-slashed leaves that never exceed 3 feet, unlike those of its massive cousins. ... Learn More



    Bold spires of lanceolate leaves produce architectural clumps. Sprays of tubular orange-red flowers are carried on strong stems into late autumn. An inexpensive way to grow a wide selection, including dwarf, purple, green, and variegated leaved forms. ... Learn More



    Upright fans of broad, robust, spear-like, grey-green leaves, glaucous on the reverse, just seem to explode out of the soil. Tubular, deepest red flowers open on strong upright stems in summer. Few plants offer such dramatic form or presence, and they offer a unique contrast to most plants that can be grown in the temperate garden, tolerating any soil, but being happiest in one that is moist, rich and free-draining. Found throughout New Zealand, Phormium was one of the first plants to be discovered when Captain Cook landed in 1773. ... Learn More



    Strap-shaped leaves up to 1.8m in length, green striped with cream towards the margins, form this clump-forming evergreen perennial which produces impressive arching stems bearing panicles of dull red flowers. Few plants can offer such dramatic form or presence and they will tolerate any soil, but are happiest in one that is moist, rich and free-draining. They need space when fully-grown so that they don't become cramped, but also visually to allow the full impact of their form to be appreciated. In addition they are perfect specimens for patio gardens, and in large pots they help create height and interest! ... Learn More


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