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    Spikes of white flowers open with a leafy topknot above them. This variety is the earliest flowering "Pineapple Plant", flowering from mid August but providing interest right through to the autumn frosts. These lovely plants are long-lived, easy and accommodating, preferring a position of full sun, although they will tolerate partial shade, and prefer a rich, well composted soil. ... Learn More



    These impressive bulbous perennials form a large basal rosette of wide, strap-shaped leaves, with an erect purple-spotted stem bearing a dense raceme of star-shaped pale green flowers, each tepal edged with maroon, and all topped by a crown of leafy bracts, opening in late summer and early autumn. ... Learn More



    This is the rarely-seen albino form of this very lovely plant with flowers which are greenish white with a distinct purple edge, and which are very long-lasting in the garden, and surprisingly hardy, in fact we have never lost a plant here in spite of temperatures down to minus 10 Centigrade. They are called "pineapple" flowers because of the unusual crown of leaves on top of the flower spike. ... Learn More



    One of the most extravagant and impressive forms for the garden, this variety makes a clump of long, wavy-margined leaves, with stout stems, bearing large numbers of greenish-white flowers, all topped by a rosette of small bracts. It is easy to keep going if allowed to remain dormant in winter and makes an absolutely fabulous display if grown in a large pot! Few good seeds collected. ... Learn More



    The biggest and most impressive of the "Pineapple lilies". Massive stems, which can be as thick as broomsticks, hold aloft glorious pineapple-like heads of green and cream flowers. A stupendous specimen plant, especially in a large pot, but which usually produces almost no seed here! ... Learn More



    This rarely seen lily relative from South Africa ("The Pineapple Lily") has massive fleshy strap-shaped leaves from which arise stout stems carrying very long lasting, purple-edged, green flowers in late summer and autumn. ... Learn More


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