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    These delightful, dainty gems are bulbous perennials with linear leaves and nodding, bell-shaped, pure white or occasionally pink, fragrant flowers, which open with or before the leaves in late summer. Clumps multiply reliably. ... Learn More



    Formerly Leucojum nicaeense, this is a delicate and most lovely little April-flowering plant, which will happily seed into a sand plunge, if you let it. The stems are about 5 inches (12 cm) tall and the fragrant flowers pure white. It flowers in late spring and increases well in a bulb frame if, kept relatively dry in summer. It is native to a small area in south eastern France, near the Mediterranean. ... Learn More



    Found only in small areas of Corsica and Sardinia, this rare and desirable plant is the only non-white acis existing. Tiny, prostrate, blue tinged leaves, and exquisite, miniature sugar-pink, crystalline bells open early in July, before the other species. This likes a very open and sunny spot outside, with very sharp drainage and freedom from too much winter wet which can freeze. It is ideal in a pot, especially bearing in mind its diminutive size. Very few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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