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    Rare, and only recently having been "re-discovered", this superb, heavenly scented plant opens its sizeable pure white flowers, which open constantly from spring to autumn, forming a solid hemispherical mound of blooms that can also tastefully twirl itself around taller neighbours. But at night it comes into its own when it produces copious quantities of vanilla & licorice perfume! Pollinated by hawkmoths, and other nocturnal insects, it is a true perennial plant, and one of the ancestors of modern Petunias, harking back to 1823 when a brave explorer plucked it from the mouth of the Rio de la Plata in South America. It survives rainstorms with no marking or dissolving as some petunias are prone to do, and its sweet scent makes it an essential part of the evening garden. It was finally introduced into cultivation in 1837. ... Learn More



    Countless star-shaped lipstick-red flowers open over a very long season into late autumn on bushy, spreading plants. A new and very rare flower, it was only discovered as recently as 2007 in the remote jungles of Brazil. When grown as a container plant in a sheltered spot, or even better in a conservatory, it will continue opening its buds right through the winter making a dazzling display. This gorgeous plant is under threat of extinction, with just 14 wild plants left in its native country. ... Learn More



    This best-ever trailing petunia from seed can outperform expensive cutting-raised Surfinia Petunias. It will produce trailing stems up to 1m (3ft) in length, which are continuously smothered in bright salmon-pink blooms all summer long until the first frosts. It is also ideal in borders, where it will make dazzling ground cover. ... Learn More


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