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    A native of Mexico, this superb plant actually grows in wet meadows, being dormant in winter and flowering with flamboyant, three-petalled flowers which are delicately marked in the centres, in the summer. This diminutive gem from Chiapas will do best grown in a pot in the alpine house, or alternatively in a warm rockery or scree. ... Learn More



    These summer-flowering Iris relatives from Central America have flamboyant showy carmine-pink flowers, which are Iris-like in structure, but with broad petals, held widely open. They come in a range of bright colours often spotted or flecked with a darker tone. The genus name means 'tiger-like', and this refers to the colour and pattern of T. pavonia, which is the species that is usually grown. Hardy and long-lived in a hot spot and can even self-seed when happy. ... Learn More



    The huge scarlet blooms of this outstanding red form of Tigridia pavonia open early in the morning and close when dusk begins to fall; each day seeing a different bloom opened. Plants grown from seeds bloom in the first year and are often grown as a tender summer annual, planted in spring and dug up again in autumn for storing in a dry frost-free place. Coming from dry places in South Africa it needs all the sun available, as this not only encourages flowering, but also ripens the bulb to ensure a similar display the following year. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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