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    Shimmering heads hold countless flowers each of which has a bell-shaped calyx of green or purplish sepals bearing up to fifteen long purple stamens tipped with large yellow anthers. This plant has the most beautiful foliage of all of the Thalictrums with its incredibly fine "Maidenhair-like" delicate green leaves on purple shaded stems. ... Learn More



    Branching stems hold large heads of countless, fluffy, rich rosy lilac flowers, just like tiny powder-puffs, over delicate sprays of maidenhair, columbine-like foliage. This is a choice and exceptionally lovely plant that should be in every garden. ... Learn More



    (Syn. Thalictrum dipterocarpum nana alba). An absolutely exquisite pure white variety of Thalictrum delavayi. This is more compact than the pink variety and produces thousands of small, shimmering, umbrella-like flowers, amongst delicate, gossamer-like, paler-green-than-usual, ferny foliage, right into late autumn. ... Learn More



    With tall purple stems arising from delicate fern-like, basal foliage, this lovely herbaceous plant makes an impressive presence at the back of a border, where in mid to late summer, it produces clouds of countless nodding white flowers. A rare native of North American woodlands, it does best in moist soil in part shade. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More



    The yellow appearance of these flowers is produced by a dense puff of protruding stamens emerging from small sepals. The cluster of countless tiny fragrant flowers on the head of each stem have the most delicate appearance, and are contrasted sharply by the dark green, lace-like foliage. The plant's tall stems are best suited for the back of the border, where they will make a lovely display from July-August. ... Learn More



    Fluffy sprays of bright lemon yellow flowers open above sprays of gorgeous, dark blue-green maidenhair foliage. This deservedly ever-popular plant has been given awards by the R.H.S. as an A.G M. (Award of Garden Merit) plant. ... Learn More



    The variety ‘Illuminator’ is a robust plant, best noted for its attractive and showy young leaves which emerge bright golden-yellow in spring, changing to powdery blue-grey for the summer. Growing slightly taller than the species, it bears cloud-like sprays of fragrant lemon-yellow flowers, the perfume rather resembling that of elder, with yellow sepals and stamens, which appear in late spring to early summer. Plants are usually tall and narrow in habit, so staking is sometimes required. Clumps may be divided in early spring, but take a year or two to settle back in and reach a mature size. ... Learn More



    Sprays of fluffy pale-yellow flowers open in star-like clusters on thin stems clad in blue green, exquisite, tiny, transparent foliage of maidenhair-shaped leaves, giving the whole plant a light, delicate appearance. This dwarf rarity grows on rock ledges and shaley outcrops, high on the mountains of Afghanistan, Turkey, Russian Armenia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and the Altai Mountains. Few viable seeds collected. ... Learn More



    In midsummer this erect, clump-forming plant opens airy heads of soft, fragrant, creamy yellow flowers that are reminiscent of Thalictrum flavum, but have a rose-like perfume! The foliage is perfectly described by one of its common names. "Shining Meadow Rue", the bright green, fern-like foliage having pointed rather than oval leaves, and is highly polished. ... Learn More



    This wide selection, taken from our beds of these attractive foliage plants, will produce plants which flower in all colours, shapes, and habits. These plants, once established in the garden, are long-lived and very rewarding. ... Learn More



    Large heads are composed of delicate clusters of tiny flowers, varying from ivory white to pale green, with almost no petal but long protruding stamens. These give this plant the most elegant air, with inflated flowerheads held on erect stems over lacey blue-green foliage. A summer-flowering beauty, it makes a long-lasting contribution to your garden, and is best suited to the back of the border. As it has long slender stems, unless you have very dense planting, you may want to take the precaution of staking it against wind damage. ... Learn More



    Native to Japan, this slender, clump-forming perennial has lacy, fine-textured, bluish-green, columbine-like foliage. Sprays of pendulous, lavender-purple flowers with contrasting yellow stamens appear in late summer in loose, airy clusters, on sturdy, purple flower stems which rise well above the foliage, sometimes up to 8 feet tall and typically do not require staking. When massed, the overall effect of this bloom can be spectacular. ... Learn More



    This tall species is like an improved Thalictrum flavum, with strong upright stems, but has better blue-grey foliage and fluffy heads of pale lemon-yellow which are fuller and more massed right through July and August. It is ideal for sun or partial shade in any fertile soil. ... Learn More



    Many-branched stems bear unusual, straw-yellow, floppy, pendulous flower heads, above basal rosettes of glaucous grey-green leaves. Seed of this rare plant was collected in China. ... Learn More



    Possibly the most delicate and beautiful of all thalictrums, this rare but quite hardy plant has aquilegia-like foliage with heads consisting of masses of white, waxy, buttercup-like flowers, with prominent bright yellow stamens. It is found in small local areas on garrique in southern Spain and along the Mediterranean coast. In our gardens visitors sometimes mistake these plants for tall anemones, to which they are quite closely related. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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