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    In April, spires of sweetly scented, nodding yellow flowers open on strong un-branched stalks, above succulent leaves. These plants grow best in full sun, and in summer prefer dry conditions as it is a winter grower. They are hermaphrodite, having both male and female organs, often being pollinated by insects and do not in fact come from Canada as suggested by their name, but from South Africa. ... Learn More


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    This exquisite South African bulbous plant has strap shaped basal foliage and racemes of white goblet-like flowers, the tepals of which are striped green and the inner tepals tipped yellow. It is found on the edges of rock sheets, gravel and silt patches and rock grassland up to 2800 meters in the Eastern Mountain Region of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. ... Learn More


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    In early spring, nodding flowers that are yellow with green keels, open on tallish stem surrounded by slender stiff leaves that are not clasping below. In the wild it grows on sandy and calcareous flats in the western and southern Cape of Good Hope. These plants are closely allied to Ornithogalum. ... Learn More



    Large, pleasantly-scented yellow flowers open in early in summer, the perfume being especially overwhelming at night time. The petals have attractive green stripes down their centres and open in flat-topped racemes on long, pale-green stalks that stand erect. This lovely South African native plant is easy to grow and should be hardy, as it is found in the Cape area at Witteberg growing at altitudes up to 2200m. It makes a superb warm-garden plant and is equally happy in a pot. ... Learn More


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    This lovely bulbous plant bears bright yellow, green striped, almond-perfumed flowers, rather like tiny daffodils, all summer long. When stroked, the fleshy, needle-like leaves, exude a sweet scent. These plants from the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa can easily flower the first year from seed. ... Learn More


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