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    Fabulous, rich velvety-maroon-to-almost-black, chocolate-scented flowers open over a very long period from early summer right into the frosts of autumn. Amazed growers cannot resist smelling this wonderful perfume which comes from a chemical constituent very similar to vanilla! Although available for many years as sterile plants, viable seeds had never been produced, but after a spontaneous mutation occurred, one plant was discovered with just a few fertile seeds, and plants grown from these seeds will also produce a very small number of fertile seeds. Incredibly, these plants vary in stature and colour of flower, some being very dark, almost black, as illustrated! Mature plants vary from tight compact clumps with short-stemmed blooms, up to large branching beauties with very long stemmed flowers which are ideal for cutting. Flowers range from small to opulently-large, and a very few are semi-doubles. The fragrant petals vary from notched or feathered to oval and entire, as shown in the picture. Just a few named clones currently exist, one of which is known in the trade as 'Chocamocha' a beautiful, top-selling dwarf form of this plant which has redder petals than many of the forms these seeds will produce. Originally from Mexico, this rare and lovely plant is now described as extinct in the wild, but you now have the opportunity to grow your own new variety. We believe we were the first company to release these seeds to the World. We search for and collect laboriously by hand, and one at a time, just a very small limited number of good fertile seeds of this legendary and incredibly valuable plant, which is a reluctant seed producer, hence the high price. We are very sorry but there is a limit of only one packet per customer. ... Learn More


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    A compact variety with a dwarf habit compared to many cosmos but with very large white flowers. A reliable performer which will flower for many months before going to seed. ... Learn More


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    A completely new and unique colour in cosmos. Rich burgundy flowers change to an antique bronze-salmon soon after opening creating a gorgeous two-tone effect. Very early flowering and flowers all summer long whether in containers or in the garden. ... Learn More


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    Large, attractive, perfect-for-cutting, drought-tolerant flowers in a dazzling shade of pink, appear to almost float amongst the ferny, filigree foliage. These easy-to-grow flowers thrive on neglect and are ideal for hot or neglected areas. ... Learn More


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    A delightful and eye-catching variety, with frilly, double flowers in contrasting pink hues on strong, upright stems. With a long flowering period , they will brighten up your garden for weeks. Perfect as a cut flower and the butterflies love them too. ... Learn More


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    Appearing in a multitude of different colours this mixture of a cottage garden classic will not disapoint! Adding vibrant colour and interest to your summer borders or containers. They are also great as cut flowers, in fact the more you cut the more flowers they will go on to produce! ... Learn More


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    With feathery, apple- green foliage and large daisy like semi-double flowers in white and all shades of pink, these will add height and interest to summer borders. A classic cottage garden plant, Cosmos are easy to grow, and flower all summer right up until the first frosts. Excellent for cutting, they will last well over a week in fresh water. The more flowers you cut the more the plants produce. These are amazingly productive plants and what's more our bees and butterflies love them too! ... Learn More


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    Sizeable, up-turned, jagged petalled white flowers are brightly-edged in deep pink, giving a dazzling splash of colour. This stylishly elegant annual for the middle or back of the border will grow upwards, giving colour to your perennials when they have finished. Place near Sambucus nigra or other red-leaved shrubs for a sophisticated display. ... Learn More


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    A luscious, crimson red Cosmos with delicate slashes of white striping. Of all the annual plants you can grow in your cutting garden, few are more productive per square foot than Cosmos. The more you cut, the more they bloom. Eye-catching and dramatic, this variety is brilliant at the back of the border, in a tall container or cut for the vase or bouquets. ... Learn More


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    Possibly the most vigorous and free-flowering cosmos of this type, dwarf bushy plants are covered with flowers in a delightful mixture of gold, lemon, orange and red from early summer through to the autumn frosts. These gorgeous flowers are spectacular when planted towards the front of annual borders or in containers. ... Learn More


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    Very free-flowering , tall, stocky, well-branched plants open hundreds and thousands of two inch, dazzling yellow flowers over a sustained period, whether in the open garden or in containers. Easy-to-grow, they will make a bright statement from late spring and on through the summer. We are offering the true, unhybridised wild form which has all the strong vigour of the original plant. In the wild they are native to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America, and have naturalized in other parts of North and South America as well as in Europe, Asia, and Australia. ... Learn More


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    With vibrant, deep orange, double and semi double blooms sitting above neat compact mounds of deep green foliage, this Cosmos looks stunning when planted en-masse in borders or large containers. With a sunny location and moderate water it will produce an abundance of blooms all summer long. Makes an excellent cut flower with a vase life of 7 - 10 days. Cut the blooms in the early morning hours, and select stems with flowers that have just opened. ... Learn More


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    Bunches of daisy-like flowers and graceful feathery foliage make these a delight in both colour and texture, attracting both birds and butterflies. Considered drought resistant, Cosmos grows best in full sun, but will grow well and flower earlier in poor, fairly dry soils. Easy to grow from seed, they make excellent cut flowers. Sow direct into the flowering position in April-May or in March for pots and containers. ... Learn More


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