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    Warm, pure orange flowers on hairy stalks above dense hummocks of bright green, hairy, rounded leaves. ... Learn More



    Bright yellow flowers open on multi-branching stems above thick leathery (presumably caltha or "kingcup" like) leaves which are differently shaped depending on where they grow on the plant, the upper ones being lobed and blunt-toothed, while the lower leaves kidney or rounded heart-shaped and coarsely toothed. This unusual hardy plant is from N.W. North America and is completely new to us. ... Learn More



    This truly exceptional plant suddenly appeared in our trial ground and appears to be a hybrid. But of which plants we cannot discover, although we suspect Geum calthifolium may be one parent! Nonetheless it appears to come true from seed, producing extremely vigorous plants with tall, strong-stems clad in thick leathery leaves, above which open numerous large golden buttercups. If well-fed could be a monster. ... Learn More



    Numerous bright red or sometimes yellow flowers, open on many stems above bright green thick leathery leaved rosettes. This lovely new border or rockery plant was collected quite recently in South America (Patagonia). ... Learn More



    Strong stems hold frilly flowers in the most beautiful shades of scarlet red. This old favourite is best at home in a cottage garden where it will bloom and spread colour as far as the eye can see. Placed in full sunlight at the front of any border it will thrive even in heavy clay soils. ... Learn More



    Nodding red flowers open from May to September on this lovely British native plant which is often found in slow-draining or wet soils and can tolerate mildly acidic to calcareous conditions, habitats including stream sides, pond edges, damp deciduous woodland and hay meadows. ... Learn More



    From a compact clump of wrinkled leaves arise short hairy stems holding the palest greeny-lemon nodding bells, which open from late spring to early summer and yet again in autumn. Although it performs best in moist soils, it will grow happily in the driest, sunniest spot in your garden. The original "Lemon Drops" was a chance hybrid seedling, with presumably some of the blood of Geum avens, from Beth Chatto's wonderful Essex garden, and these seedlings may have the slightest bit of variation but all will be lovely. ... Learn More



    Sprays of yellow flowers open in shady places (such as woodland edges and near hedgerows) usually between May and November although flowers can be found in every month of the year, the flowers developing into a bur-like head of fruits with reddish brown hooks. The root is used as a spice in soups and also for flavouring ale, whilst in folklore, it is credited with the power to drive away evil spirits, protect against rabid dogs, and deter and venomous snakes! It was associated with Christianity because its leaves grew in threes and its petals in fives (reminiscent of the Holy Trinity and the Five Wounds). ... Learn More


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