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    Large, glistening poppy flowers, on dividing stems open on this famous plant that bears marbled, prickly leaves. Originating from Mexico, this very hardy pioneer plant is tolerant of drought and poor soil. Its yellow latex has been used medicinally by many people including those in its native area, the Natives of the western US and parts of Mexico. There is also unreliable evidence that Argemone mexicana has been used as an aphrodisiac, but we definitely do not recommend these uses. ... Learn More



    Leafy stems grow most attractively variegated, prickly lobed leaves. The large, showy flowers can vary from pale peach to yellow, and have a dark red 3 to 6 lobed stigma. Coming from Mexico, this lovely annual flower can survive, and indeed thrive, in the hottest conditions. ... Learn More



    Huge, ivory-white flower heads open up to 6in across, with beautiful, prominent stamens. Much loved by bees and butterflies, the prickles are also an excellent deterrent to rabbits and browsing insects and animals! These amazing plants are absolutely perfect for those difficult, hot and dry, sunny situations. ... Learn More



    This Chilean plant is quite new to cultivation and is a most imposing annual plant. It very easy to grow, and spectacular to watch with its big yellow flowers and thorny, silvery leaves, buds and fruits. Once established, it will resow automatically each year only growing in spots it chooses and where it is happy, but never being a nuisance! ... Learn More


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