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    The "hoop-petticoat daffodil". This earliest and tiniest dwarf gem with golden conical cup-flowers, and narrow pointed petals, thrives on the hottest of rockeries and will do well and even self-seed in moist turf rather like cylamen do. ... Learn More


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    In our gardens in Devon we grow numerous of the choicest daffodil and narcissus varieties that are available, many of them with famous names. They have varying flowering times and a multitude of shapes and colours, and most are gently fragrant. Many of these do not produce viable seeds and some that do are very frugal. We carefully collect every single seed pod of the finest forms, some having only 2 or 3 fertile seeds, and offer them here, where you will receive a choice selection. ... Learn More


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    From the high meadows and woodland edges of central Spain come these wild classic daffodils with large bright yellow flowers, and which are very similar to Narcissus hispanicus, but have less flare in the corona. ... Learn More



    This miniature species has flowers with broad petals arranged in sideways-facing clusters of chrome-yellow over thin grassy leaves. Its big attraction though is the overpoweringly strong scent. It prefers a sunny site with good drainage. ... Learn More


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    We grow several varieties of the earliest-flowering, overwhelmingly fragrant narcissus. The perfume hits you when you inspect our beds of these gorgeous varieties, many of them double-flowered or multicoloured. They spread their flowering over an extended period from early March, and sometimes into May, more than a dozen of the best commercial varieties performing making a stunning sight. Most produce no fertile seeds, but we collect any ripe capsules carefully from the ones that do, even if only a few hard black seeds per plant. Every sparingly produced seed is carefully collected before bein ... Learn More


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    This is the dwarf form of the extremely hardy variety that grows wild in South Wales, and is described as having perfect proportions. With bright yellow flowers it is ideal for planting into rough grass or meadows where it will spread and self-seed when left undisturbed. The tidy appearance makes it equally good for beds and borders throughout the garden. ... Learn More


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