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    Dark, blood-red flowers are followed by large numbers of cherry-red berries which are sprinkled liberally over the entire plant giving a pleasing effect. Cultivated since the 16th Century, this attractive deciduous shrub has dark green, shining leaves, and is found in the wild in woods and stony places in the mountains of Europe. Normally a medium-sized shrub, it can be easily clipped to maintain its dwarf stature, under 3ft if required, making it a good hedging plant. ... Learn More



    In early summer clusters of up to twenty tubular, bright orange, fragrant flowers open, arranged in whorls and blooming at the branch tips, fruiting later as attractive clusters of red-orange berries. This strong climbing honeysuckle, native to the western and southern states of the USA is happiest in partial shade and will tolerate moist or dry soils, where it will even scramble over the ground at soil level if giving nothing to climb upon. ... Learn More



    The commonly-grown evergreen form, best known for making quick-growing hedges, is always sterile. This rare mutant produces white flowers which later become attractive, bright purple berries, covering the entire stems in August and September, and if neatly trained makes a most attractive standard. ... Learn More



    A fast-growing climber, this lovely plant is seen by many as a traditional garden climber, often seen growing up a trellis, or trailing over walls and fences. The trumpet-shaped flowers are creamy white, pink or light yellow, and give off an unmistakable sweet scent, most noticeably late in the evening and at night. Flowers are followed by bunches of red berries, which ripen in Autumn and are often eaten by wild birds during the winter months. ... Learn More



    Curious, ruby red tubular flowers with asymmetrically flared ends, decorate this lovely evergreen scrambler/climber until July/August, after which the whole plant becomes covered with bunches of bright red berries which are much loved by birds. ... Learn More



    Five-petalled white flowers, resembling big white bluebottle flies, bloom in June on this unusual, rarely-seen, much-branched shrub which grows most commonly in lush woods on slopes, and around fields, and was being cultivated in Britain by 1683. The attractive sprays of red berries appear in the autumn. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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