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    We offer a generous packet of fresh seeds from our sizeable stock beds of "Peruvian Lilies". These hardy and trouble-free spectacular plants form slowly expanding clumps of orchid-like orange and yellow blooms which improve unattended over the years. ... Learn More


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    Short stems carry disproportionately large, distinguished, rose coloured flowers, attractively marked with crimson and yellow. Has spread steadily for several years here giving a large bone-dry rock garden a reliable mid-summer blaze of colour but setting very few seeds. White-deep lilac flowers ... Learn More


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    These famous hybrids come in all shades of orange and red. The large, sumptuous flowers, resembling orchids, are easy to grow, and the clumps improve over the years making them an invaluable addition to every garden. ... Learn More


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    One of the strongest and tallest of all Alstroemerias in Chile, this robust flower opens large, multiple-flowered florets of strikingly-splashed orange flowers over an extended period in midsummer. A superb and valuable plant which thrives in poor soil, where it will slowly spread by underground rhizomes. ... Learn More


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    Alstroemeria polpaicana (also called Polpaico Lily) is an extremely rare perennial plant outside of its native envoroment in the Andes of Peru and Chile. It has long, thin stems and bright green leaves. The flowers are usually bright yellow with occasional white stripes and have a long, tubular shape. It grows in moist, well-drained soils and can tolerate some shade. Image is representative and may not be 100% true until we have flowered this plant here at Plant World. ... Learn More


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    Purple-blue, orchid-like flowers, delicately marked and spotted with crimson open on short stems on this rare and very choice plant. Strong stems bear lush green foliage, and mature plants can be divided with time as they gradually spread as they are drought tolerant, producing fleshy tubers from which they sprout each year. Probably the bluest flower of all alstroemerias, it grows at altitude giving it a good measure of hardiness. ... Learn More


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