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    This is one of the most attractive hardy grasses, barely yet discovered by gardeners. Being an inhabitant of alpine meadows, it produces its striking heads of almost pure white flowers in early spring, when most other grasses are barely sprouting, all above compact trusses of attractive hairy stems. ... Learn More



    A delicate clump-forming rush with small dark brown heads. Another dwarf plant ideal for a wet spot in the garden or around the edges of a pond. ... Learn More



    A most attractive, trouble free, tussock-forming specimen with attractive, slightly hairy leaves and large, dark nut-brown umbels of seed. 'The largest and finest of the woodrushes.' (Rick Darke, 'Ornamental Grasses'). ... Learn More



    This new, very precious, golden-leaved form of the "Great Wood-rush" makes a superb, non-spreading specimen that will grow almost anywhere, making a handsome clump of golden-yellow foliage with attractive spikes of black seed-heads, that is the perfect complement to mixed perennials. It is at home on most soils, but is particularly tolerant of damp sites, making it ideal for use in bog gardens. It also makes a good plant for winter containers in cold areas as the foliage is evergreen. ... Learn More



    This choice little New Zealand dwarf is ideal to incorporate into a trough or the rock garden as long as it doesn't dry out. It grows as neat clumps of stiff green leaves which are covered in silvery hairs below, giving a two-tone effect as the upper and lower leaves react to the light. Heads of grassy flowers appear in early summer on short stalks, the flowers first appearing as pale brown, before finally becoming almost black with age. ... Learn More


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