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    These semi-evergreen, delicately fragrant white flowers with spreading petals, bear a remarkable likeness to miniature daffodils and are borne in bunches above fine, grass-like foliage. A valuable dwarf rockery plant. ... Learn More



    Splendidly fragrant cream coloured flowers, tinged with greenish yellow at the centre, are displayed on upright stems emerging from dusky-green fleshy foliage. A sweet almond-like fragrance emanates from the flower at evening time on this distant relative of the onion family, which will make a good addition to a rockery, or can be displayed perfectly in a good terracotta pot, where it will be happy in a conservatory or cold greenhouse. For best results keep the plant moist during spring summer but allow it dry out a little over winter. ... Learn More



    One of the showiest species of the genus, sprays of sweetly-perfumed pink flowers are held on strong stems above basal clumps of strap shaped leaves, which smell of onions if crushed. It grows and multiplies very well, and opens its valuable blossoms in late summer to late autumn. In the wild it is found in the same areas in South Africa as the lovely Clivia miniata, and is sometimes called "Pink Agapanthus". ... Learn More



    Extremely fragrant ivory-white flowers open in clusters on upright stems, giving the best of their scent in the evening and at night. This rarely-offered, very ornamental, and distant relative of onions, prefers full sun, and will thrive on rich well drained soil, preferring moisture in the summer months and protection from the soaking wet in winter. The bulbs soon clump up into strong masses of grassy foliage, and do best in a well-drained place protected from frost. It will also make a lovely sweetly-perfumed display in a container indoors. ... Learn More



    Fragrant, pale purple, tubular flowers open in large terminal umbels in late summer and early autumn on this strong-growing rhizomatous perennial. It has grey-green basal leaves which are long, narrow, strap-like, slightly fleshy and smell strongly of garlic when bruised. This attractive ornamental plant is also ideal for the herb garden, as the leaves and flowers can both be used in salads and other dishes. ... Learn More



    This unusual selected form has narrower leaves and spikes of pale pink flowers, with far less purple than the normal form, the petals being more pinched and crowded, often hiding the centre of the flower, rather like a rhodohypoxis, and at first glance giving the impression of double flowers. ... Learn More


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