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    These jolly looking flowers have bright, golden yellow faces with black centres and are a great alternative to the giant sunflower for little children to grow. Fast to flower in as little as 60 days, this attractive dwarf variety is ideal for pots and border growing. Grown in a pot the height is liable to be around 38cm (15"); in the garden up to 60cm (24"). Great for bees. ... Learn More


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    A dwarf sunflower variety ideal for the front of border or a container. I traditional flower with large golden yellow petals surrounding a large brown seed forming head. ... Learn More


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    Giant, brown-eyed golden heads grow atop probably the tallest multi-stemmed sunflower ever bred. This giant with a wonderful branching habit ideal for cut flowers really is the best for 'grow the tallest sunflower' competitions! ... Learn More


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    A traditional Sunflower and one usually used for childrens' seed growing competitions. The large bright yellow heads grow on long strong stems which grow up to 2-3m in height. They are also a useful flower to grow in a border, providing both height and colour. The brown centres will ripen into heavy heads filled with seeds which birds love. The flowers can be also be used as a cut flower. ... Learn More


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    Boldly contrasting, big creamy white flowers with deep chocolate centres. Excellent for flower arranging and great at back of borders or against a tall wall where they provide atmosphere and contrast. Flowers summer. Height 4-5ft. ... Learn More


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    An improved dwarf species of sunflower, with a good branching habit and producing masses of medium-large blooms. As the central flowers begin to open, the lateral branches will also have well-developed buds producing 10-12cm flowers with gold-yellow petals with contrasting dark centres. ... Learn More


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    A later blooming, beautiful sunflower with 5-6" (12-15cm) flowerheads of golden petals with a ring of red surrounding the chocolate brown centre. Heavily branching, each plant will provide a good number of blooms, perfect for cutting or for a fiery display in your border. If not cut, flowers may produce seeds for wildlife, another benefit to growing any sunflower. ... Learn More


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    An award-winning Sunflower, 'Soraya' produces lovely rich tangerine-orange flowers with dark brown centres. This branching sunflower is perfect for cut flower arrangements, producing 20 to 25 flowers from each plant during the long bloom season. Plants are self-supporting and may attain a height of five to six feet in the full-sun garden. Soraya flowers can produce seeds for birds if left on the plants to mature. ... Learn More


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    Black centres contrast superbly with bright yellow petals on sturdy plants. This medium height sunflower which has multi-branching heads is ideal for beds, borders and also for children to grow ... Learn More


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    Waooh Sunflowers are lovely in the garden and because of their height, are brilliant for containers too . Each plant is sturdy, very well branched and free flowering. Masses of lovely golden yellow flowers with a dark central disc are produced for weeks on end. They are easy to grow, good for cut flower production and excellent in borders too. ... Learn More


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