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    This fast-growing, bone hardy evergreen groundcover can soon spread to form a generous clump of foliage, topped in late spring with open clusters of golden-eyed, lightly scented white flowers. A handsome addition to the alpine bed or rockery, it can also be used to fill crevices in paving, or dry stone walls. It is also a rare native native to the British Isles, where it is only known to occur in a few locations in the Cuillin Ridge of the Isle of Skye. In addition it is native to mountainous areas of Europe, North and East Africa, Central and Eastern Asia and parts of North America. ... Learn More


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    This attractive and ever popular selection of Arabis alpina, the "alpine rock cress", produces masses of sizeable, snow white flowers above a compact grey carpet of leaves from February to May when little else dares show. ... Learn More



    Pure white funnel-shaped flowers open on branching stems above a carpet of fleshy leaves in earliest spring. An easy-to-grow plant ideal for a rockery in sun or shade. ... Learn More



    Normally having white flowers, this rarely seen form has crowded bright pink flowers which open in early spring on short stems above cushions of grey-green leaves which have forked hairs on them. (this is an important diagnostic for members of Brassicaceae). In the wild it lives on the mountains in France, the Iberian Peninsula, the Apennine Peninsula, the Balkan Peninsula and Switzerland and is also naturalized in Belgium and Luxembourg. ... Learn More



    This very rare, tough, tufted endemic lives only on a few dry hills, high above the rushing Umpqua River on the Pacific coast of Oregon. Cruciform flowers of bright purple open on compact, rounded shrubby domes which cling tenaciously to the rocky outcrops. In 2001, to reduce chances of extinction, researchers grew hundreds of plants in the Berry Botanic Garden greenhouse using seeds collected from the wild. During the autumn rains, researchers battled the slippery slopes and clung to the steep cliffs to place plants and directly sow seeds into appropriate habitat near existing Koehler's rockc ... Learn More



    This gem is similar to but smaller than Arabis cyprium and has much smaller seeds. We discovered it high in the alpine ski-zone of the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus where it is the earliest by far of all arabis varieties to flower. It comes out with the snowdrops here numerous sprays of delicate pink flowers being produced from January onwards. It is excellent in a pot too! ... Learn More


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