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    From flattened rosettes of deeply-lobed leaves arise short, strong, hollow stems bearing most attractive, and quite remarkable flowers which bear more than a passing resemblance to a fried egg! Frilly, ivory-white petals radiate out from a golden-eyed centre, and although it vaguely resembles our native "dandelion", this plant is guaranteed not to become a weed in your garden, just a lovely intriguing specimen. In the wild, as the name suggests, it comes from cold areas in Mongolia and the Far-East. Very few fertile seeds available. ... Learn More



    A pale pink dandelion with a dazzling yellow eye..... Whatever next? This newly-discovered little charmer will capture your heart though. A very rare plant in cultivation, it comes from central Asia where it makes magnificent drifts in high meadows. Making compact, leafy rosettes, just like a dandelion, it pushes forth a never-ending succession of gorgeous bicoloured flowers. Beautify your garden and baffle plant geeks! ... Learn More



    This rare and most unusual dwarf "dandelion" makes a tiny rosette of beetroot-red, almost black leaves, with short-stemmed yellow flowers. An attractive little gem which could certainly never become a weed, it sets very few seeds for a start!! ... Learn More



    Yes, a variegated Dandelion, and as expected, rosettes of brightly-splashed, toothed leaves produce the good old fashioned yellow flowers. This newly discovered plant will be a bit like Marmite...you will either love it or hate it! ... Learn More


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