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    Avery early species, this has faintly-marbled green leaves and pristine, white, pale pink, or even purple-tinged petals on the exceptionally upright flowers which have contrasting cadmium-yellow anthers, the whole heavily textured flower having a strong rose scent. One of the earliest species to start into growth, this sessile, or stemless species, opens its flowers extremely early in the season. In the wild it is native to the north western United States from Washington to central California where it occurs in forests, woodlands and scrub. ... Learn More


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    Predictably, each stem has three leaves, petals and calyces. Leaves, wonderfully marbled and mottled in grey appear in spring above which the three petals appear shortly afterwards, which may vary through mahogany to rich crimson-maroon. Very rarely offered but long lived when established, this is one of the aristocrats of the garden. ... Learn More


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    Spectacular three-petalled flowers usually in rich purple-red, but occasionally white or yellow, poke up above mottled clusters of three egg shaped leaves in early spring. A clump forming perennial, it spreads reliably and is an excellent ground cover plant for a shady spot. It will do best in moist but well drained soil, and the unusual appearance of this plant will certainly make it a talking point in your garden. ... Learn More


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    Fascinating three-petalled, ivory-white, unusually pendent flowers are held on long flexible stems amongst emerald green, deeply veined foliage. A shade loving plant, native to the mid-west of America, it is a good choice for a woodland garden or a damp shady spot. ... Learn More


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    A vigorous perennial forming a large clump of erect stems each carrying a whorl of three broadly ovate leaves and a solitary terminal flower to 10cm across with three recurved white petals which often fade to pink. This Trillium has been awarded the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society for its top performance in the garden. ... Learn More


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    An uncommon plant from northern California and south west Oregon, this is one of the most sought-after west coast of America species. It has mottled, ornamental leaves, and bright flowers ranging from reddish-purple to beige. One of the largest trilliums, these vigorous specimens can soon expand into clumps that can reach up to nearly two feet in height. ... Learn More


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    Very early in the year, upright-facing flowers of white or pale pink are dotted deeper pink and violet, the spotting concentrated towards the throat which is filled with bright yellow anthers. It starts into growth early in the year making short stems and three silvery-veined, embossed blue-green leaves. Probably the rarest, choicest and dwarfest of all trilliums, this outstanding super miniature, a rare native of Oregon, is tough enough for a select garden spot, or even pot cultivation in the alpine house or frame. Few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


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