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    Shell pink, 3cm wide, star-like flowers, open during the day, facing outwards from August into October. This lovely plant is a summer rainfall species from the Drakensberg Mountains, KwaZulu-Natal, Lesotho, and the Transvaal which is pollinated both by beetles and bees. As a high elevation species it is hardier than many of the Cape species. ... Learn More



    In spring, as a rule, three to eight starry white flowers per spike, all with a brown or red reverse, open in late afternoon or evening, with a delicious perfume of jasmine or frangipani. The perfume persists right throughout the night until next morning. Very much resembling a dwarf "schizostylis", this rare and beautiful flower is found on sandy and shale slopes in the western Karoo and the northwest Cape from the BokkeveldPlateau to the Biedouw valley. In cultivation a sunny, free draining situation suits best. ... Learn More


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    In spring, incredibly fragrant (jasmine to frangipani) white flowers, with a flush of red on the outside, open late in the afternoon or evening when they are pollinated by bees or moths. This beautiful dwarf plant is found growing in the wild on sandstone and shale slopes and coastal flats from the Northwest Cape to the Eastern Cape. ... Learn More


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    From the South African mountains comes this quite exquisite bulbous flower. Rarely seen in the wild or cultivation, it displays spikes of shell pink flowers in mid to late summer after which the long, strap-shaped leaves die away to a resting bulb underground. In a warm, well drained site, it will , if you are fortunate, self-seed, and will otherwise slowly increase naturally underground. In a pot though, it will be safe from the elements regardless of your location. ... Learn More


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