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    A lovely plant from the eastern part of Africa with pinkish-orange eyed, blue grey flowers slowly ageing to blue pink, a most intriguing metamorphosis. The semi-evergreen five-lobed leaves are an attractive dull bluish green. It will survive some frost if kept in a dryish sheltered spot but is far prettier in a large container indoors in colder countries. ... Learn More


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    This gorgeous species pelargonium displays bright magenta pink flowers, with the upper petals veined and spotted with darker pink. One of the aromatic, scented-leaf pelargoniums, it blooms later than many other species, from July to Oct. Bearing small, kidney-shaped, silver green leaves, this unusual elegant plant is tuberous and may be completely dried out in winter when it is quite hardy. Commence careful watering in early spring if top-growth has dried up. Species within this Reniformia Group are easily recognisable by the distinct flower and leaf shapes and have a high tolerance to cold if kept dry. ... Learn More


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