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    Fragrant trumpet flowers, ivory-white with a slight greenish cast, open on stems up to five or six feet tall making it easy to enjoy their excellent fragrance. This is one of the dwarfer form of the giant Yunnan Lily, with basal rosettes of shiny leaves that in early spring resemble those of a glossy Hosta. ... Learn More



    (Cardiocrinum cordatum var. glehnii). The much rarer and slightly dwarfer form of the "Giant Yunnan Lily" has been collected for us on the Russian island of Sakhalin. Massive, fragrant, creamy white trumpets hang from strong tall stems, which rise above large, thick, dark green, leathery leaves. ... Learn More



    The "Giant Yunnan Lily" is a stately giant, producing two inch thick stems, with dinner plate sized leaves above which open numerous eight inch green and white waxy, very fragrant trumpets, followed by enormous "everlasting", toothed seed-pods when dried. A fantastic plant in all respects. ... Learn More



    This unusual variant of the "Giant Yunnan Lily" has flowers which are more starry-shaped than normal, and arranged alternately around the inflorescence. Looking best in Summer and Spring, it is a fully hardy, monocarpic, herbaceous bulb with white, cream and purple flowers from early Spring until late Summer. After the largest bulb has flowered it dies, leaving a family of smaller ones to grow on. As the clump of bulbs develop over the years, at least some of them will flower every spring. It grows well in semi-shade, and prefers high levels of water. ... Learn More


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