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    This most attractive, drought-resistant dwarf alpine makes a very low mound of radiating stems each of which is clad lengthwise with long-snouted yellow snapdragons. A perfect plant for the front of the rockery or in a small pot. ... Learn More



    Non-invasive clumps of small blue and white "snapdragons" in close packed spikes. An easy trouble free plant to grow, which will spread slowly by self-seeding. ... Learn More



    One of the fifty fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, this low growing perennial has spear-shaped leaves and stems spreading along the ground which then turn upwards at the tips. A quite spectacular plant, it bears dense sprays of sizeable, hairy, tubular, bluish-purple helmet-shaped flowers, which are produced in summer. ... Learn More



    Dark blue trumpet-shaped flowers are held on upright stems over a mass of tiny lanceolate deeply veined leaves. This is an excellent plant to occupy a corner in a rock garden, or for solo display in a container and will appreciate well drained soil in a sunny position. ... Learn More



    Startlingly gentian-blue flower open on this bright, drought-tolerant gem that comes not just from the Havana area of Cuba but also the rocky pinelands of the Caribbean area, including South Florida. This dazzling blue "Skullcap" is a dependable choice for well-drained locations in full to part sun. Once you have planted it, it will cheerfully spread around and reseed itself in a localized area, and should never be invasive, so some will always return, even after you think it's gone. ... Learn More



    From the dry mountains of Iran comes this dwarf gem. Upwards-pointing, pale blue-violet tipped white flowers open from June until August on short stems above compact clumps of foliage. It is definitely a non-running plant and possibly one for the alpine house as it does self-seed. ... Learn More


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