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    This delicate, dwarf, and rarely offered primula relative bears umbels of deeply cleft, purple bells on delicate stems in early spring. In the wild it grows in moist damp woodlands and mountain meadows in north eastern Europe, where it produces attractive clumps of jagged-edged leaves and self-seeds readily. It will do the same in the garden provided it has shade and good damp organic soil to grow in. ... Learn More


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    Larger in all of its parts than Cortusa matthioli, this rarely-offered, vigorous herbaceous perennial has light green rounded scalloped leaves, which make dense clumps in a relatively short time. Borne on slender stems reaching a height of more than 12 inches, the rich purple-pink, pendulous, bell-like flowers are clustered, often densely, at the top, usually hanging from one side. Very few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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